Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Haircut Time!

My policy has always been 100% honesty on my blog, so let me be frank: My last haircut was June 16th of 2013. I have needed to get it cut since August, and it never happened because I was in too much pain, or too tired, or too busy, etc. However, I finally mustered all my courage and trooped over to JCP Salon at Lakeside last Monday. Guys, for any of you who live ANYWHERE near New Orleans, make an appointment there with Shannon Johnson, aka the best hairstylist I have ever had in my entire life. 

As someone with social anxiety, the idea of sitting in a chair for two hours while a stranger makes small talk as they're cutting my hair is terrifying. But as soon as she walked into the waiting area and saw my expression, she smiled wide and said, "You look like you're going to the dentist! I'm not that terrifying, am I?".  We chatted easily throughout my entire appointment (she's hilarious), and I let her have free rein on my hair. I made sure not to look, because seeing how much hair gets cut off makes me worry I won't like it. When she finally said I could look, I peeked into the mirror and saw this:

(This shot is from my Instagram, so it's a bit fuzzy.)

My hair hasn't looked this amazing in at least a year, maybe more. Shannon explained to me that she had cut off about two inches of dead/split ends, added some layers to give it thickness, and given me soft side bangs. Then she blow dried my hair with a round brush and some root volumizer, and finally curled the layers with a flat iron. 

Here's a shot from the back:

I'm in love with my new hair. My hair is naturally quite curly, but I can easily wear it down now without having to style it much at all. Thanks so much to Shannon at JCPenney Salon!



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